Importation of meat and meat products for consumption would legally require an accompanied Certificate of Wholesomeness from the country of origin, irrespective of the type of meat. Such certification must be issued by the competent Government Authority that is responsible for the inspection of meats in the country. Meats are permitted only from a specific list of approved countries and conditions may be specific to a particular country or group of countries; meats from other countries or regions are prohibited. Carcasses of endangered species intended for consumption are prohibited.

However, small quantity of meats (up to 25Ibs.) arriving in passengers baggage from the approved countries may be permitted without an accompanied Certificate of Wholesomeness, if such meats are pre-wrapped under a brand name and has the Official Seal of Inspection of the country's Meat Inspection Authority. Secondly, if such small quantities of meats were purchased from a licensed shopping outlet and are wrapped by the outlet. Such meats may be permitted entry into these Islands at the discretion of the approved Inspector at the port of entry, providing adequate proof of such purchases from licensed establishments can be provided by the arriving passenger. Game meats of any kind are not exempted from a certification of wholesomeness.


  • United Kingdom, Northern Ireland - Swine products only are allowed with specific certification, form 5773 EHC.
  • USA, Canada, CARICOM States, Australia and New Zealand - all types of approved meats in these countries are allowed.
  • Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras -meats of swine and ruminants only are allowed with a proper certificate of inspection. (Boneless meat only from Nicaragua).