The Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control (CBC) has implemented the Automated Border Control (ABC) Kiosks programme.

The programme is designed to expedite the entry process of eligible travellers including family groups, by utilizing self-service kiosks. In the first phase of the implementation, Caymanians who hold a valid passport from the (BOTC) Cayman Islands, USA, United Kingdom, and Canada are invited to use the ABC Kiosks. Eligible Leisure Visitors will also be able to utilize the ABC KIOSKS once the border has been officially reopened. These are visitors who hold valid passports from the USA, United Kingdom and Canada.  Subsequent phases of the ABC will focus on expanding kiosk user eligibility to other categories of residence in the Cayman Islands.

Upon arrival to Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA), travelers will see signage directing them to the Kiosk area along with eligibility requirements. The use of the ABC Kiosks is completely voluntary for those eligible passengers and there will still be an option to be processed and landed by a CBC officer at the respective counters.


How does the ABC Kiosk work?

Caymanian travelers, including those in family groups, are prompted to scan their passport, have their photograph taken by the kiosk camera and answer a series of questions. The kiosk will then verify the information entered and once complete each passenger will be issued a receipt. Travelers will then present their printed receipt along with their other travel documents to the assigned CBC Officer.


Who is eligible to use the ABC kiosk?

At this time, only Caymanians who holds a valid British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) Cayman Islands Passport or a valid passport from USA, Canada or the UK.


Who is Ineligible to use the ABC Kiosk?

-All other passport holders.
-Those persons holding Permanent Residency status in the Cayman Islands and their dependents.
-Persons living in the Cayman Islands on a Work Permit and their dependents.
-Persons arriving for Business or here In-transit.
-Unaccompanied minors under the age of 18.
-Persons requiring any kind of entry Visa.


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