An Import Permit must be obtained from the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture prior to importing any live animal, bird, aquarium fish, plant or plant product into the Cayman Islands. The species must also be inspected and accompanied by an original copy of an inspection certificate, which must be issued by the Agricultural Authority of the country of origin. The required certificates are

a.      Official Health Certificate for animal, bird or fish; or

b.      Phytosanitary Certificate for plant or plant product.

Some birds and plants species e.g., parrots and orchids respectively, would require an additional document from the country of origin; that is a CITES certificate. For more information, please call or fax a message to:-

Veterinary Services, Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 459 GT, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; Tel: (345) 947-3090; Fax (345) 947-2634,

or the Agricultural Inspection Services; Tel: (345) 949-7909; Fax: (345) 945-2267.